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US Open of MTB: Online Registration Launches March 1, 2010

(Vernon, New Jersey USA) Terralogic Park Industries, the official event promoters of the U.S. Open of Mountain Biking, have announced that athlete, vendor and media registration will open Monday, March 1st, at 9:00am. Set to take place on May 27th through May 30th, elite mountain bike racers from across the globe will converge at Diablo Freeride Park to battle for the most coveted title in American mountain bike racing - the U.S. Open Championship.

The 8th annual U.S. Open of Mountain Biking returns to Diablo Freeride Park with various venue-wide improvements including an enhanced KENDA Giant Slalom and KENDA Downhill course, an increased Pro Men’s downhill purse and extended practice schedules. With a lofty cash and prize payout valued at nearly $60,000, the 2010 U.S. Open of Mountain Biking continues the legacy of offering the largest pro-purse in America and the most competitive gravity racing in the nation. The Men’s Pro Downhill Purse has been increased by 50%, making the top spot on the podium now worth $7,500.

The trendsetting PRO/AM format of the U.S. Open allows up-and-coming athletes the unique opportunity to test their mettle against the world’s elite gravity racers. While professional categories typically take center stage, the U.S. Open has become a hotbed of Amateur talent and is the ultimate proving ground for racers looking to take their career to the next level.

The athlete field in the Men’s Downhill discipline will be capped at 450 total competitors, with 150 qualifying spots allocated to the Pro Men’s category and 300 dedicated to the Men’s Amateur categories. Due to the popularity of the U.S. Open of Mountain Biking, pre-registration is highly recommended and is first-come, first-served. Register early to secure a qualifying position and to guarantee your participation in America’s premier gravity race!

For more information on the 2010 U.S. Open of Mountain Biking, please visit:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Professional Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT)

Colorado Springs, Colo. (February 23, 2010) – USA Cycling announced today the 2010 USA Cycling Professional Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT). In its second year, the five-race series will continue to raise the level of competitive gravity racing across the United States by providing a consistent stage of international-caliber events for elite gravity racers to showcase their downhill skills.

The Pro GRT is a downhill-only series for 2010 and will visit four states from April to September, beginning with a return visit to Port Angeles, Wash. for the Northwest Cup, April 24-25. The series will then make a trip to the opposite coast for the Plattekill Gravity Open in New York’s Roxbury Bike Park, May 22-23. Midway through the season, racers will contest the Northstar-at-Tahoe event in Truckee, Calif., June 26-27. The Pro GRT will then move to Winter Park, Colo. for the Trestle Bike Park (Crankworx Colorado), July 31-August 1, before concluding again with the Whiteface 5th Annual 5K Downhill in Lake Placid, New York, September 11-12.

Each of the five stops will offer series ranking points to top finishers, resulting in overall individual titles for professional men and women. Additionally, competitors will have the opportunity to accumulate international ranking points as two of the five races are inscripted on the UCI calendar. The racers with the most points throughout the five-race series will be recognized as the best gravity athletes competing on U.S. soil.

The 2010 series will also feature an Amateur GRT which, like the Pro GRT, will give Expert-level Category 1 racers the opportunity to compete against each other for an overall series crown.

For more information on the series, please visit USA Cycling’s ProGRT webpage

2010 USA Cycling Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT)
April 24-25: Northwest Cup – Port Angeles, Wash.
May 22-23: Plattekill Gravity Open - Roxbury Bike Park, NY
June 26-27: Northstar-at-Tahoe - Truckee, Calif.
July 31-August 1: Trestle Bike Park (Crankworx Colorado) – Winterpark, Colo.
September 11-12: Whiteface 5th Annual 5K Downhill - Lake Placid, NY

Photo caption: The USA Cycling Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT) will kick off April 24 with the Northwest Cup in Port Angeles, Wash.

Team KHS Race Report: 16th Annual Southridge Winter Series (4) – Fontana, CA

Check out their photo report here!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fontana DH Men Results

1 Waylon Smith
2 Eric Carter
3 Rich Houseman
4 David KlaassenVanOorschot
5 Duncan Riffle

Thursday, February 18, 2010


For immediate release

Kiwi rider Wyn Masters signs for team Kenda-Playbiker, joining the gravity icon Nathan Rankin and 2009 worlds jr silver medal Shaun O’Connor.

It seems yesterday we were saying goodbye to all our friends who followed us during the amazing 2009 racing season and we are here again to speak about the coming 2010 one.

There have been some rumors flying around during the off season about team Playbiker, and it has been very tough to keep “our secrets” until now. But let us say we are really excited for the coming season, that we are going to live with the usual “bunch of mates”, but faster than ever!

We are very happy to welcome on team Playbiker the kiwi Wyn Masters, one of the rising stars of the World Cup circuit. With is moto-riding-style and his daily brainwaves, we are pretty sure he will be able to add several good results to the Playbiker’s biography, but also we won’t never get bored.

Here what Wyn says about: “I am stoked to have signed with team Kenda-Playbiker for the 2010 season, it is awesome to be able to be on a team with three good friends of mine and no doubt we will have a good time along the way. I look forward to putting some great results together with the help of being on the best products like Lapierre Bikes, Fox Suspensions and Kenda Tires.”.

We have been given also a wild card to Edo Franco, a young rider who won in 2008 the Junior Italian Championship, which took place on Pila World Cup track. He will race together with Wyn in both downhill and 4x.

Few words from Edo: “I am really happy to be part of team Kenda-Playbiker for 2010 season. It is the first time I race for a professional team and I am going to have a great opportunity to achieve my goals. It is amazing for me to have team mates like Shaun, Nathan and Wyn: they are excellent riders and good traveller fellows as well. I have much to learn from them.”.

Kenda-Playbiker is very glad to announce also that for 2010 the team athletes will race with the performant and captivate Lapierre DH-920 frame and the top-notch Fox Suspensions.

Here what Nathan has to say about 2010: "I am sure that 2010 will be a big year with the two new team mates. Hopefully they will help to push the pace within the team. I am also enthusiastic to ride aboard the new Lapierre DH-920".

... and here Shaun’s thought: “For 2010 I am excited to be competing again with the team Kenda-Playbiker. I am really looking forward to riding the new frame and suspension and achieving my goals for the season. I think with the team set up and my new team mates it will be a very successful season and I think we are all looking forward to getting into the racing, training hard and enjoying the riding.”.

In the next few weeks we will spread to all our friends and medias further information about Kenda-Playbiker’s programs for 2010. We will also announce the complete list of great sponsors which will support us during the coming season.

Stay tuned on Kenda-Playbiker’s channel...

Photo: courtesy of Callum Swift

VIDEO: Melissa Buhl (Descida das Escadas de Santos 2010) – Brazil

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KHS Race Report: The New Mob - Bootleg Canyon, NV

Check out Team KHS's race report here

Quinton Spaulding
KHS & Free Agent Bicycles
Team Director / Sponsorship Coordinator

"Bluegrass" Helmets

We were just sent some quick pics of a new helmet brand dubbed "Bluegrass"

"For the 2010 racing Season, Pauline Dieffenthaler (Winner of the megavalanche 2007, 2nd in 2009) and Clementz Jérôme (Winner of the Enduro of nation 2009, megavalanche 2005 and Red Bull Exodus) from the Team Cannondale will ride on a fresh new Helmet and Protective gear brand. The name of this new brand is "Bluegrass" and they will develop their products on the gravity market. We have recently tested the first prototype of the full face helmet, very innovative, especially in the ventilation system."

Expect more info soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MADE exclusive: Steve Peat & Josh Bryceland

FOX Racing Shox to Utilize a Slick Technology in its 2011 Mountain Bike Suspension Fork Product Line, Kashima Coat

Watsonville, California - February 16, 2010

FOX Racing Shox, the industry leader in the design and development of high-performance suspension, announced today its exclusive arrangement with the Miyaki Company of Japan to use its Kashima Coat for suspension components in the bicycle industry. Kashima Coat will make its consumer debut in FOX Racing Shox’s 2011 model year aftermarket mountain bike suspension fork product line.

Proven Coating Technology

The Kashima Coat technology has been used for years across the motorcycle and automotive industries in suspension components and clutch and valve train assemblies because of its low-friction and ultra-wear resistance properties.

In the revolutionary Kashima Coat process, lubricating molybdenum disulfide is deposited, via electrical induction, into the billions of micropores on the surface of hard-anodized aluminum. With its debut on the international mountain bike racing circuit, the distinctive gold colored, Kashima coated stanchions maintain better lubrication characteristics, and the lightweight aluminum components treated with Kashima Coat attain a level of hardness and abrasion resistance four times tougher than standard hard-anodized aluminum.

Fox's New Gold-Colored Kashima Stanchions

Race Tested — Numerous Wins Tell the Tale

Throughout the 2009 mountain bike racing season, FOX Racing Shox utilized select sponsored athletes to test and race on suspension treated with Kashima Coating. “Before we started using Kashima Coat, we’d been testing and racing on electroless nickel coated upper tubes during the past two seasons,” explained FOX Racing Shox Mountain Bike Race Manager, Mark Fitzsimmons. “Although the friction properties were decent, the nickel’s durability was not. The Kashima parts we raced on maintained the low friction requirements we were after and exhibited excellent durability — a very rare combination to find at the World Cup level with its wet and muddy conditions.”

Beyond the obvious benefit of added durability, the significant decrease in friction proved to provide a tangible increase in suspension performance. Athletes who tested and raced with Kashima coated FOX Racing Shox suspension reported an improved overall consistency and feel with Kashima Coat.

“When you are racing on the World Cup level, a huge percentage of races can be won or lost in the preparation of the bike — the seemingly small details that take the bike from good to excellent,” said 2008 Downhill World Champion, Gee Atherton. “The Kashima coating made the forks so much more reactive to the small hits that I would normally feel on rough terrain. When the forks were skittering over tiny bumps they could soak up the impact much more quickly, without giving me so much feedback through the bars. That’s a huge advantage on long courses.”

FOX Racing Shox sponsored athletes collected quite a few victories aboard Kashima Coat treated suspension, including both men’s and women’s British National Downhill Championships, four World Cup wins, and a World Championship victory with Yeti/Fox rider Jared Graves in 4X. The combination of incredibly favorable tangible data and the desire by its world-class riders to be equipped with Kashima coated suspension has led FOX Racing Shox to an exclusive partnership with Miyaki for Kashima Coat.
“We’re a race-driven company,” said FOX Racing Shox Executive VP, Mario Galasso. “We are constantly looking for performance advantages that may lead to race victories. Kashima Coat is, without a doubt, one of those advantages. Since we also pride ourselves on racing exactly what we sell, we’re proud to offer this new performance advantage to our customers, through Kashima Coat.”

About FOX Racing Shox

For over three decades, FOX Racing Shox has been the industry leader in the design and development of high performance shock absorbers and racing suspension products for ATVs, Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, Offroad trucks and cars, Snowmobiles and UTVs. In 1974, Bob Fox started racing his products in motocross and they haven’t stopped racing since. FOX Racing Shox equipped vehicles and racers have stood atop podiums in every sport they have competed in — from the sands of Baja to the dunes of Dakar. FOX’s team of engineers perform rigorous tests with their athletes year round, and the data FOX collects from performance testing and the application of that knowledge to their products is what separates FOX Racing Shox from every other suspension company. World Headquarters are in Watsonville, CA with its Offroad Division in Santee, CA. FOX Racing Shox distributes its products in more than 40 countries.

About Miyaki Co., Ltd.

Miyaki Company conducts research and development, specializing in surface processing technologies for aluminum, such as Kashima Coat. They have earned a reputation in various fields for making high quality products with a homogenous film. Miyaki Company has its headquarters in Japan and is part of the Miyaki Group that also includes Japan Miyaki, Co., Ltd. and Hamamatusu Koshuha Co., Ltd. The combined power of these three companies allows for comprehensive support, from design, to processing, to surface treatment. For more information, visit

Friday, February 12, 2010

OnZa Tires: Rinderknecht: A new sponsor and an addition to the family

Most professional mountain bike athletes take it easy between two racing seasons. Roger Rinderknecht experienced something different: A few days after new year he became father for the second time, and apart from that he also had to find a new bike sponsor.

After Roger Rinderknecht had become a father for the second time in January – his son Ty is being accompanied by a daughter called Cya, his focus changed to the planning of the next season. And the near future is ensured by now, as with BMC Racing Roger found a Swiss solution on his quest for a new bike sponsor. Being located in Grenchen, this company is close to the offices of DT Swiss and Onza Tires,
respectively. And as a long-term partner of Swiss Cycling, BMC Racing already has some experience when it comes to cooperating with athletes of the national federation. However, both BMX and 4cross are new frontiers for the Grenchen based bike builder.

Thus it gets all the more interesting to see what profit the cooperation agreed upon with Roger Rinderknecht until the end of 2010 is going to yield in terms of products. The Winterthur resident is full of beans: «Ever since I had broken my arm last year in August, I got myself back to 100 percent of my potential thanks to hard workouts. The cooperation agreed upon with BMC Racing comes at the right time, as it gives me some extra motivation during these gray winter days. After all, the folks at BMC are already getting up to speed in order to develop the ultimate 4cross weapon.»

Apart from the 4cross Worldcup races and both the World and European championships respectively, Roger Rinderknecht puts his priorities on the first BMX races that already count for the qualification for 2012’s Olympic games. For next week, he travels to Southern France for a training camp to see how everything he has taught himself works out on the bike. And at the end of March, Madrid’s BMX Supercross
Worldcup race marks the season’s real kick-off.

Follow Roger Rinderknecht throughout the season:
Buy Roger’s choice of BMX tires directly at the webshop:

Want to know more about Roger’s choice of tires?

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Health Plan Solutions for USA Cycling Members

Healthcare – While Washington creates confusion, USA Cycling Health Plans offers solutions

For most Americans, the more our politicians and news outlets speak of healthcare, the more confused we become! Many feel that the quality of healthcare in the United States is second to none while others view healthcare reform as a critical undertaking. Though we don’t know whether or not health reform will pass tomorrow, we all need healthcare today. Don’t let the confusion keep you from exploring all your options. Visit today!

USA Cycling has partnered with the Nicholas Hill Benefit Group to create as a resource for our members to research the plans available in their area and receive no obligation price quotes for their desired coverage. Simply visit or call 1-866-200-2135. benefits:

Major Medical/Health Insurance
Dental & Vision Coverage
Accident Medical Benefits
Life Insurance
Disability Income Protection
Long-Term Care Insurance
Medicare Supplement Plans

Healthcare Q & A

If I am self-employed, how can help me? Most self-employed folks are responsible for securing their own health insurance through individual major medical plans. By visiting or calling 1-866-200-2135, USA Cycling members can receive quotes for coverage and apply for a plan of their choice over the telephone, internet or mail.

I already have health insurance. Should I still contact You bet. The licensed representatives will be happy to let you know if you have a good deal or if you can save money by purchasing a new plan.

I’m happy with the cost of my health insurance, but I never use it because I have a very high deductible. Can help? Perhaps. Give them a call to learn whether they can secure a lower deductible at the same or lower premium.

If I have a pre-existing condition, can assist? They will be happy to discuss your situation and help out by either presenting options that you can qualify for or assisting by locating whatever state or federal program is available in your area.

I recently lost my job and don’t know where to turn. Turn to The federal government recently extended COBRA benefits for individuals who involuntarily lost their job. The folks at can explain all of your options and provide quotes to determine if you can save money outside of COBRA benefits.

Also, the low cost Accident Medical benefit is the perfect supplement to a high deductible health insurance plan. To learn more or enroll in the low cost benefit, visit or call 1-866-200-2135.


FOX Racing kicks off the 2010 season with an impressive line-up of MTB team athletes:

FOX Racing is excited to announce it’s partnering with GT Bicycles MTB team. GT’s long and successful history makes for a perfect pairing with Fox as both companies have paved the way since 1974.

The FOX supported riders:
· Mick Hannah- The DH phenom who stepped on the podium in the first four World Cups in 09 after having a year off.
· Eric Carter- The one and only and a true ambassador of the sport.
· Kevin Aiello- The young SoCal ripper that has earned his “Special K” nick-name.
· Andrew Cho- The bike slayer straight from White Rock BC.
· Marc Beaumont- Slugger continues on with FOX for more fun in 2010.

Said Hannah “I'm really excited to be working with FOX. GT and FOX were at the top when I started racing 20 years ago and they're still at the top today. I dreamt of riding for both companies back then and now that's come true. This racing season is shaping up very well.”

For 2010 we are stepping up our support of the GIANT MTB team. We are hitting the gates running with full head to toe support of their DH team consisting of the tried and true Jared Rando, new addition two-time national DH Champ Duncan Riffle, and Danny Hart - junior in 09 achieved 3rd place at the World Champs and was the over all winner at the World Cup. Also proudly supported by FOX are the pedal-pushing XC heavyweights: Adam Craig, Carl Decker, Oli Beckingsale, and Kelli Emmet.

Continuing the legacies that they have laid out, Cam McCaul, Kirt Voreis, Aaron Chase and Jeff Lenosky are all back on board with FOX. We’re proud to have these 4 legends of the sport flying the Fox colors. All 4 have been longtime Fox athletes and have helped shape where we are today. Also staying with FOX is ‘The Croatian Sensation’ Mislav Mironovic, he returns with even more enthusiasm this year than ever before. Back and ripping it up – 951 legend Rich Houseman, Boom Boom himself Scott Beaumont, and Mike Steidley.

FOX is proud to announce the support of Mitch Ropelato. Only seventeen years old, Mitch achieved the seemingly impossible in 09 - he became the youngest Mountaincross National Champion in U.S. history, and his second time ever to a World Cup event he stood on the podium with a second place medal. Mitch represents the future of gravity MTB racing and Fox is excited to be a part of his journey.

The word has been getting around and it’s true, Leigh Donovan is back to race the World Cups again! Even more exciting for us is that she will be representing FOX. One of the fastest women to ever grace a gravity bike, Leigh has some impressive results on her resume: 1995 World Champion, 2001 World Cup Champion and 9 times U.S. National Champion. We look forward to providing her support on her return to the WC’s.

We are also excited to have opened our doors to the following talented rippers –
Ryan Condrashoff, John Hauer, Evan Turpen, Christian Wright, Jordan Lopez, Jon Wilson, and Tammy Donahugh.

FOX Europe welcomes two young guns Sam Reynolds and Harry Heath to the family. Sam will bring his enviable style to the Dirt Jump and Slope style scene, and Harry will be getting loose on the World Cup DH circuit.

We look forward to supporting such an incredible team for the 2010 season and anticipate great things to come.

Check out WWW.FOXRACING.COM <> for weekly photo galleries, product details & behind the scenes videos of your favorite Fox MTB riders throughout the year. Contact your local Authorized Fox Dealer or visit WWW.FOXRACING.COM <> for the latest Fox products.

Follow us on twitter @foxmtb

Danny Hart & Duncan Riffle Join Jared Rando on 'Giant Factory Off-Road Team'

Giant Factory Off-Road Team Expands
In addition to the new team, the Giant Factory Off-Road Team is expanding for 2010. The roster includes two new gravity racing talents who will compete globally on the World Cup circuit: two-time U.S. Downhill Champion Duncan Riffle and 18-year-old British downhiller Danny Hart, winner of the 2009 World Cup DH Junior series and bronze medalist at the 2009 World Junior Downhill Championships.

Riffle, 23, is currently ranked 21st in the UCI world downhill rankings and looking forward to focusing on the most prestigious international downhill events.

“I’ve always been a fan of Giant bikes and I can’t wait to hit the 2010 World Cup series on the new Giant Glory,” Riffle said. “To be successful on the World Cup circuit, you need the right equipment and the right support, and I know I’ll have that.”

The other Giant Factory Off-Road Team rider with a global agenda is 2008 Red Bull Rampage silver medalist Kurt Sorge. The 21-year-old Canadian has developed into a household name in slopestyle and freeride competition and will headline the biggest freeride competitions and films in 2010.

Four other Giant Factory Off-Road Team riders will have a continental focus in 2010. One is Australian Jared Rando, a veteran Australian DH and slalom racer who medaled at both the Sea Otter Classic and Crankworx events last year. Rando will focus on Australian and North American events and will continue to play an important role in Giant’s product development efforts.

Three familiar names make up the cross-country contingent of the Giant Factory Off-Road Team. Former U.S. National Champions Carl Decker and Kelli Emmett will each continue to focus on North American XC and Super D racing, and British Olympian Oli Beckingsale will compete primarily in U.K. and European XC events.

With two teams canvassing every major event in mountain biking, Giant looks forward to its biggest year yet in off-road competition.

Giant Factory Off-Road Team
Oli Beckingsale (Great Britain), XC, ST
Carl Decker (USA), XC, ST, Super D
Kelli Emmett (USA), XC, ST, Super D
Danny Hart (Great Britain), 4X, DH, DS
Jared Rando (Australia), 4X, DH, DS
Duncan Riffle (USA), 4X, DH, DS
Kurt Sorge (Canada), Freeride

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leigh Donovan takes her Intense 951 to a win at the winter downhill series, a whopping 10 seconds over 2nd

February 7th, 2010

Leigh Donovan found a little time away
from work to go play in the perfect conditions
out at Fontana. It had rained on the course
pretty heavily on friday, but by race day-sunday,
the track was flawless. Leigh hiked up sunday
morning for a couple of practice runs and had
the course dialed.

“I had the technical stuff pretty dialed, but
once I got to the ‘wall‘ my body seized up again!
I could not pedal too good, but I tried to dig a
little deeper than last weekend here, where I just
about to came to a complete stop! (Leigh laughs
hysterically at this point). I also put on a new
back tire for this weekend. I had a full DH tire
setup last weekend and everyone said I was
nuts, so I put the SPECIALIZED ‘Captain’ on the
rear and noticed a big difference in acceleration.
I am not used to these tires yet because they are
so amazing, they hook up like nothing I ever
used back in my day, tires just were not this
good when I was racing 10 years ago. I am really
stoked with specialized tires.”

Leigh also raced this weekend in some of
her new gear: “I just landed a deal with FOX
Clothing and GIRO, so I was in a completely new
kit, which is usually a bad idea, but everything fit
perfect right out of the box and I felt like a pro
again! It has been nice to be at the point where I
can just pick the best stuff now instead of riding
for whoever pays the most money like the old

Leigh’s next event will be coaching the womens only clinic in Cleveland
Ohio on Feb. 20/21 and then the Southridge
winter series finals on the first weekend of
March. For more info

Fontana 2010
Winter Series #3

Pro Women
1. Leigh Donovan 2:44:50
2. Joy Martin 2:54:50
3. Gabriela Williams 2:54:79

TEAM KHS Report: 16th Annual Southridge Winter Series (3) – Fontana, CA

Check out their report here:

CG Racing Brigade on SANTA CRUZ!

Now it's the right time ! : )

I know a lot of people have been waiting for this newletter for a long time !

I have the pleasure and the honor to introduce my new bike sponsor !

The CG RACING BRIGADE is going to be pimped on SANTA CRUZ bikes.

Thanks to SANTA CRUZ to trust in me and the BRIGADE for the future; I am happy and proud to ride the V10.

I know I am going to have all the keys in my hand to do a killer job.

See you guys to the next event with my new bikes and other partners to celebrate some good moment with the BRIGADE.

Special thanks to all the fans who support me by e-mails and on FACEBOOK !

As I say, The BRIGADE is coming !


"Santa Cruz Bicycles is very excited to be the frame supplier for Cedric Gracia's Racing Brigade. There are few riders who are competitive in multiple disciplines these days, especially one's that have a great attitude and personality such as Cedric. We look forward to helping Cedric achieve his goals".


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roger Rinderknecht on BMC bikes for 2010

February 9th, Grenchen (Switzerland): Swiss 4X and BMX racer Roger Rinderknecht hits the UCI World Cup circus on BMC bikes in 2010. The podium of the mountain bike 4X World Championships is waiting for Roger and BMC. The qualification for the BMX Olympics in 2012 is also on Roger’s agenda.

Mike Hürlimann, BMC Chief Executive Officer, explains the strategic decision: „BMC always had their roots in the mountain bike sport. It’s just not on everybody’s mind anymore, due to the big success of BMC road bikes during the last years. We are in the strong opinion that we will be able to increase the brand awareness within the important mountain bike segment again by forming a strong partnership with Roger. Our Fourstroke, Trailfox, Speedfox und Supertrail models have already been receiving great test results in the worldwide media, but the input from Roger, who is a well experienced racer and freerider, will be very useful for us to keep on progressing in R&D. We are really looking forward to an exciting and valuable partnership!”

Roger can’t wait to be back in business: “I have been training a lot after breaking my upper arm in August last year and I am back at 100% of my former riding performance. The new partnership with BMC is an additional and big plus of motivation during these grey winter days. The development of the ultimate 4X weapon is in full progress and I can’t wait for the season to begin!”

Roger can count on the support of his new bike sponsor BMC, but also on his long-term partners Oakley, iXS, SR Suntour, DT Swiss, Onza, Crankbrothers, as well as his brand new components sponsor Syncros.

For high res pictures (by Mick Gisel) or general requests about Roger, please drop an email.

The NEW MOB this Weekend!

All Mountain Cyclery is having their 5TH Annual- The New Mob! Dual Slalom, Super D, Downhill at Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, NV.

Also don't miss:
Bootleg Canyon Race Schedule
March 20-21, 2010- GREENER GRASSES - ds, sd, dh

May 1-2, 2010- MAYDAY MAYDAY - ds, sd, dh

Monday, February 8, 2010


The crowning of Steve Peat as 2009 World Champion put an exclamation point on the Santa Cruz Syndicate’s domination of the downhill arena for the past few years. Peat’s 2009 season put him in the history books - 17 career World Cup downhill wins, 50 World Cup career downhill podiums and finally the elusive championship - and he alongside teammate Greg Minnaar pushed the Syndicate to the pinnacle of success. Minnaar won three World Cup downhills in his first season aboard the Santa Cruz V-10 and captured the UCI World Cup overall in 2008. He continued his charge in 2009, winning three more World Cup races, thus scoring 6 of his 11-career World Cup wins during his two-year stint with the Syndicate. Young gun Josh Bryceland’s contributions to the squad with his Junior World Championship title in 2008 and 13th overall World Cup performance in ’09 has made the Syndicate the UCI #1 Downhill Team for two years in a row.

This success is only possible with the best products, riders and support out there. We would like to welcome our new sponsors to the Syndicate for 2010 and thank continuing sponsors for their commitment to the program. Our new partners are Edge Composite carbon wheels, Chris King for headsets and hubs and we are back on board with Maxxis Tires. Muc-Off has added their top of the line lubes and cleaners for Syndicate use and we greatly appreciate the continued support from SRAM, RockShox, Truvativ, Avid, WTB, Crankbrothers, Lizard Skins and Clif Bar.

The Syndicate roster remains stacked with reigning World Champion Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland pinning it in the downhill arena, Jamie Goldman rocking the freeride world, and John Waddell is down under racing XC and endurance races.

Rob Roskopp, owner and CEO of Santa Cruz Bicycles, says, “ I’m excited to see the Syndicate continue on for the coming years. It’s been a huge source for R&D, allowing us to come out with so many advanced products in such a short time. Having such a dynamic group of people has contributed to the overall success of Santa Cruz Bicycles.”

“Syndicate represents some of the best racers in the world, so what better program to show off our range of SRAM, RockShox, Avid and Truvativ product? SRAM is proud to be part of the fun that is mountain bike racing. SRAM loves racing, and of course winning so the Syndicate is an ideal fit. We’re looking forward to another great season!” ~ Eric Schutt, SRAM

“We at EDGE are very excited to be working with the Syndicate, we are excited to see the result of great product paired with great performance. We feel the DH environment and extreme capabilities of the riders will be the most defining way to demonstrate what sets the EDGE branded products apart from all others.” ~ Jason Schiers , EDGE Composites

“Maxxis is delighted to be back working with the Santa Cruz Syndicate. We have long admired their quest for perfection and with riders such as Peaty, Greg and Josh on board we are not only looking forward to more podium success but also the R+D feedback that such an experienced team can provide.’’ ~ Leo Liao, Maxxis
“I've had 2 great years with the Syndicate, so why change something that works? We have a couple new changes to our Santa Cruz V-10 for 2010. We going to be rolling on carbon with EDGE Composite rims, we will continue to be Powered by SRAM/RockShox and would like to welcome back the best rubber in the business, Maxxis. With a V-10 set up with such amazing equipment, I can't wait for the season to kick off!” ~ Greg Minnaar

“Its great to be part of the Syndicate family again. We have built up a pretty special group over the years and I feel we have the best support from Santa Cruz Bicycles and all our affiliate sponsors. Whether I am out riding my V-10 or one of the many great bikes Santa Cruz makes, I am always happy and having fun because I know I’m on the right equipment. The Syndicate program has gone from strength to strength over the years and 2010 is no exception. We have had test sessions on new equipment that I think will raise our game considerably for the coming season.” ~ Steve Peat

“I’m Superstoked to be spanking some shred with the raddest savages in the settlement!” ~ Josh Bryceland

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fontana Winter Series #3 Results

Dh reaults

1 Eric Carter 00:02:17.69
2 Aaron Gwin 00:02:18.21
3 David Klaassenvanoorschot 00:02:18.97
4 Waylon Smith 00:02:19.34
5 Rich Houseman 00:02:20.91
6 Joe Lawwill 00:02:20.94
7 Logan Binggeli 00:02:21.48
8 Lars Stenberg 00:02:22.60
9 Ben Furbee 00:02:23.32
10 Forest Belluzzi 00:02:25.60

1 Leigh Donovan 00:02:44.50
2 Joy Martin 00:02:54.50
3 Gabriela Williams 00:02:54.79
4 Margaret Gregory 00:02:58.95
5 Jennifer Wolf 00:03:05.06
6 Carol Gibbs 00:03:17.86

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Michal Prokop: TWELVE January 2010‏

Twelve months, twelve short documentaries on a long way to success. Training. Races. Travelling. Life. This is TWELVE - a new project about the mountain biker and BMXer Michal Prokop.

By a coarse visual inspection, TWELVE shares the style of the michal.prokop09 calendar, however it uses a wider range of video technologies. Rob Trnka's camera takes in the past month of Michal Prokop, just as he has actually spent it. Without any adornments and planning. It doesn't aim to celebrate the leading actor; it wants to capture him through its sincereness. TWELVE doesn't create dramatic situations, but it catches them if they arise.

In first days of each month you can find out what were the last four weeks like for Michal Prokop. Interesting? Boring? Tiring? Cheerful? Successful...? As does every real calendar, TWELVE also starts in January. Tons of iron, hours in the fitness center with freezing temperatures and snow all around. This is the way Michal's year 2010 started - a season dedicated to four-cross. BMX has already started to come through, with qualification for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Episodes of TWELVE can be found at Here's the first edition:

"When working on the calendar I understood that Michal doesn't have to make somebody else of him or to create another - media - face. This helped me a lot in making decision how TWELVE should look like. Anyway, in Michal's case his spontaneity doesn't look affectedly ... When preparing scenarios I only need to know where he will appear. I try to record things for which there is no place or time anywhere else - time when the camera is switched off. No sensations, but moments, which may look trivially alone, but which will make sense when put together with Honza Mocnak. For me, it will be important when somebody will switch the result of my work on more than once," comments Rob Trnka about his work on TWELVE. Trnka is the photographer, and this time also the cameraman and screenwriter.

Editor, post-production, music, graphics ... Jan Mocnak. Yes, it is not a typing error in subtitles. This man of all seasons who created the graphical look of the calendar michal.prokop09 and his websites undertook the responsibility for the wide spectrum of work on the TWELVE project.

When selecting equipment, taking into account expected use and output demands, the team chose the Panasonic Lumix GH1 video reflex camera as the optimum solution. Sound like and unusual solution for video technology in Full HD quality? The first hands-on experience confirms it was the right choice. At first sight the compact body, accessible cost, and manual focusing capability transformed worked to their advantage when using a Zuiko adapter... all of this combined makes the Lumix GH1 an excellent tool for reporting work.

Producer: Red Bull
Production: Polis.Media
Screenplay, camera: Rob Trnka
Editor, post-production, and music: Jan Mocnak

Michal Prokop belongs among the few exceptional sportsmen who can afford the luxury to consider his placing in the winner's circle in a top world competition as something surprising. With two World Champion rainbow jerseys, two World Cup titles and 10 World Cup wins in his pocket, Michal Prokop belongs among the living legends of gravity mountain biking history. Yet he has found another great challenge in his highly successful carrier - nothing smaller than the BMX premiere at the Summer Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing, China.

But Michal managed to step out of the shadow of sports giants even before the flames went up over Beijing. Time on pedals is his hobby and livelihood as well. He became the King of the Czech cycling in 2006 after acquiring all available titles on his mountain bike and later defended them. Michal brought himself to the attention of the sports public particularly thanks to his dominant position in mountain bike fourcross. Unlike most of his other competitors, MP devotes himself equally to two related, but still different disciplines. Moreover, in 2006, just a few months after his severe injury, Prokop initiated the Czech national team in the track world championship on the oval…

In 2010, Prokop is riding AGang bikes. They are made by the same company as Author bicycles that he was riding for seven long years in a row. This guy is loyal!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

TRANSITION BIKES - Production TR450 Arrives!

Transition Bikes just recieved their first shipment of new TR450 Frames! Check out these pimp color choices!

Our philosophy is simple, Rider Owned for Life since 2001. It is not a slick marketing slogan but something that defines who we are as a company. Connecting with our dealers and customers from a rider standpoint is our number one concern. Through outstanding and responsive customer service, and unique niche product design, we create and build relationships with our customers that are important to everyday riders and forgotten by larger companies. When you buy a Transition product you can be assured it has been tested in real world conditions by the same people that design them. We don't believe in using Catalog designs; everything is designed in house by us. Our goal is not to become a huge corporate brand but rather a company the average rider can believe in. Our customers are our family and we get immense joy from seeing them progress their riding to new levels right beside us.

2641 Delta Ring Rd.
Ferndale, WA 98248 USA
(360) 366-4960

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Having already worked together for three years, Rachel, Gee and Dan ATHERTON’s confidence in COMMENCAL has been strongly reiterated with the announcement of another two years in partnership with the bike manufacturer. This relationship has steadily grown and is now set to be stronger than ever. The fresh team name and logo marks a new chapter, and the birth of Team COMMENCAL.

The ATHERTON siblings will be chasing World titles aboard COMMENCAL’s race proven bikes, the ‘Supreme DH’ and the ‘Absolut 4X Ti’.

Max COMMENCAL commented, “After these past three years spent together, I would first like to thank Madison, our UK distributor, for all the work they have done with this exceptional team. Without them, this story might never have been started. Today we have reached a new level with the ATHERTON clan, with their intense passion for riding and huge motivation to win.

Rachel is almost rabid-like in her determination, Gee is more of a missile then ever, and Dan is going to surprise us once again. Together we have numerous projects planned, on both a sporting and technological level. We’re going to enjoy ourselves even more and help move the industry that we love those extra few steps forward”.

The ATHERTON Team Manager, Dan BROWN, added, "Having worked with COMMENCAL closely over the past three seasons we were in no doubt that we wanted them to continue supplying our frames after the contract came to a close in 2009. Max and COMMENCAL agreed with our decision and were happy to extend their commitment into the position of title sponsor.

“The signing of this two-year contract enables us to embark on new and exciting projects which will fuse the Atherton’s wealth of riding knowledge together with the great development skills and resources of COMMENCAL. These projects will give Dan, Gee and Rachel everything they need to win on the World stage irrelevant of discipline. The whole team at ATHERTON Racing is excited to get the season under way and can't wait for the first race under the Team COMMENCAL banner.”

The team continues its partnerships with Fox Racing Shox, Animal and Shimano who have all been instrumental in the successes of the past three years.
A full list of sponsors will be released at the start of April during the team’s official launch.

To stay in touch with Team COMMENCAL until then you can visit :

Site web :
Twitter: IS BACK!!

Hey MTB Race Fans!

I just wanted to let you know that is back in action! I put the site on hiatus towards the end of last season as there were many projects & priorities that I needed to take care of. Since the previous site took time to build up a new page every time I wanted to post news, it got to be difficult keeping things updated. So I’m revamping the site with a new format. That way, I can keep the news, photos & reports flowin from the road.

I am also going to take this opportunity & utilize the PINNED network with other projects that I’m working on in 2010, including the PRO GRAVITY TOUR and my new professional MTB race team (DRD Tomac). From this site, you can keep up to date on the various “happenings” from diverse viewpoints of our sport – the series, industry, team & athletes alike!

I look forward towards experiencing a stellar 2010 race season with you all!


Unique Jewelry and Apparel Company Increases Mountain Biking Presence.

Henderson, NV – Skeletal Metal Surgical Jewelry joins KHS as the clothing sponsor for their 2010 Team. Skeletal Metal has progressively increased their mountain bike presence since signing on as a major sponsor of “Johnson Rockhard Presents…” downhill and super-d events.

“We have such ready access to amazing mountain biking here in Las Vegas that it just kind of made sense to take advantage of it.” Said Justin Patrick, Skeletal Metal’s Creative Director. “The whole downhill scene really fits with the Skeletal Metal lifestyle. These guys are out there beating their bodies all the time. A lot of them already have some kind of plate in them. They just understand what we are all about.”

Skeletal Metal already sponsors KHS team rider Logan Binggeli. The KHS Team, including Binggeli, is off to a strong start in 2010. Strong podium finishes at the Southridge Winter Series has set the KHS team apart as a strong contender at any event.

# # #

Skeletal Metal Surgical Jewelry, LLC – Some jewelry tells people that “you’ve made it.” Skeletal Metal shows people how you got there. Skeletal Metal is jewelry inspired by plates, pins, and other items used in trauma surgery to repair broken bones. You can learn more about Skeletal Metal at

About KHS
KHS Bicycles Inc. was founded in 1974 as an American-based company distributing the KHS brand of bicycles. Its mission is to design, manufacture and distribute moderately priced and high quality bicycles and accessories. Since that time KHS has grown into a brand respected for quality, value, and integrity with distribution in more than 30 countries around the world.

NEMA Contingency Program! Get Paid to Play!!

As the 2010 MTB race season quickly approaches, Nema would like to announce our 2010 Contingency Program. In an effort to help give back to our supporting riders, Nema offers you a chance to recoup some of your hard earned dollars at the races this year! Check out the flier for more info.

See you at the races!

- J. Dylan Dean

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Team Geronimo Announces 2010 All-Star Sponsor Lineup

After a whirlwind debut at Interbike ’09, Team Geronimo has ramped up to full on tornado status. The Pro racers, staff and Junior Development Team of Team Geronimo are proud to introduce their 2010 lineup:

- The Bikes -

As the USA Factory Racing Team for Banshee Bikes, Team Geronimo is proud to be aboard the newly released Legend MkII downhill frame, which is nothing short of phenomenal. Just days after its public release, Pro racer Graeme Pitts took the maiden voyage as the first in the world to ride this beauty. With less than 5 hours on the bike, Pitts managed a Top 15 finish at Round 2 of the Australian National Series at Shepparton. How does it ride? Let’s just quote Banshee Bikes owner Jay MacNeil, who said, “Anyone who rides this bike is almost cheating!” It really is THAT FAST. Team Geronimo will also be racing the Banshee Rampant in 4X and DS events.

- The Kit -

Custom made Wrex Racing apparel will outfit the team. Their purpose-built gear is truly remarkable, stylish, and will exceed even the toughest critic’s expectations. Wrex offers a full line of custom jerseys, pants, shorts, rash guards (silver-embedded for odor control and anti-microbial action), winter jackets, rain jackets, hoodies, formal wear (for banquets and sponsor meetings!) and more. They make it easy to be the best-dressed racer on the race course. Wrex Racing’s motto says it all, “Rule #1: Leave the competition behind. Rule #2: There is no rule #2!”

Underneath their custom kits, the team will be protected by Dainese gear. It’s a shame that such excellent, stylish protection has to be covered up. From the minute the body armor comes out of its shipping box, it is evident that this gear is state of the art, lightweight, supple and STRONG. Finally, it is truly comfortable protection - riders might even forget they’re wearing it! From Seth Graves of Dainese/BTI-USA, “We are excited to start the 2010 race season sponsoring such a great team of excellent racers!”

The team will protect their brains with helmets by Kali Protectives – a company making quick strides in the MTB protective world. Racers will keep their eyes on the prize with eyewear by Smith Optics. No team would be complete without casual shorts from Cowboy’s Fuzzy Duds – look for their signature wacko prints to compliment team livery when they’re off the course.

- The Components -

Hayes Bicycle Group is equipping the team with powerful Hayes Brakes systems, race worthy Sun Ringlé wheelsets, and Answer ProTaper bars and gloves. Racers will enjoy a buttery-smooth ride with the highly anticipated Manitou Dorado Pro fork and super adjustable Revox shock. Clayton Goldsmith of Hayes Bicycle Group commented, “Everyone on the team is a class act and as a group, this is exactly the type of team HBG wants to partner up with. Their choice of riders and equipment is going to make them potent, and I would say probably one of the most successful first year teams. They are also one of the few teams we’ve chosen to run the new Dorado Pro DH fork this year – so of course their Banshee rigs will be the envy of everyone in the pits! Expect to see big things from Team Geronimo in 2010!”

When the rubber officially hits the dirt at Sea Otter, the team will be hooking up in the corners with Intense Tyres. "We are extremely excited to work with such a great group of Pros and the Jr. Development team, as the Intense Tyre System line has been fully redone for 2010 and this will really help get the tires out in front of the fans and atop the podium with this excellent program" – from Pete Dylewski, Marketing Manager at Intense Tyre.

MRP’s Ryan Cranston also commented, “MRP is extremely proud to partner with such a world class squad. Team Geronimo will be rocking G2 chain guides, Camber cranks, and Podium chain rings as they hang it all out there in pursuit of victory in 2010! Watch out for these guys!”

WTB has come on board with their sexy new Devo seat, which will sit on top of FSA’s Gravity seat post. FSA will also keep the cockpit in check with their line of Orbit headsets. Obtainium Performance Products’ titanium springs bring superior performance to the handling of these stunning bikes in addition to shaving weight and precious seconds off race times. Point 1 Racing stems and platform pedals, ODI grips, Shimano drive train components, Crank Brothers clips and Framewrap come together to finish off the build of Team Geronimo’s incredible rides.

When traveling by air, the team will use the incredibly well designed, sturdy and lightweight bike boxes by Crateworks. Ogio has also stepped up to aid in the team’s travel comfort with their progressive line of gear bags, hydration packs, helmet cases, and race umbrellas.

- The Coaches -

Gene Hamilton of Betterride is the official skills coach of Team Geronimo. His techniques are proven, his guidance invaluable, and it is time for the gravity biking world to catch up with other sports by retaining coaches – Team Geronimo is honored to be working with Betterride. Gene comments, “I am excited to be working with Team Geronimo. I’ve coached Graeme Pitts and the Buell Brothers in the past, and I look forward to working with Rachel Bauer and Cody Eichhorn. They all have the potential to do really well, and have an impact on the sport. It is going to be a fun and successful race season with one of the best new teams on the circuit.”

James Wilson of MTB Strength Training Systems is the official strength coach of Team Geronimo. Wilson’s program has steadily become recognized as the premier mountain bike strength training system, especially for gravity racers. His workouts produce maximum results that correspond to decreased race times and injury avoidance due to flexibility. Wilson’s routines are sport specific, don’t require a huge investment in time and allow for quick recovery - almost too good to be true.

Taking time out from Tabata Intervals, James added, "I'm excited to work with a team that is obviously so dedicated to the sport I love. They've shown that they are serious about developing and supporting talent and I'm looking forward to helping them on their mission to make a splash on the racing scene."

- About Team Geronimo -

Team Geronimo is home to a five-star line up of some of the strongest young talent in the Professional gravity racing world: Michael Buell, Brian Buell, Graeme Pitts, Rachel Bauer and Cody Eichhorn (Australia). Team Geronimo is also proud of its Junior Development Team: Alec Toney, Madison Bailey, Teddy Benge, Tanner Spence, Robert Petit, Roy Benge and Tyler Spence – they are some fierce young rippers!

Behind the scenes, putting the puzzle pieces together for a successful 2010 race season are: Leslie Pitts, Team Manager; Brandon Turman, Marketing Manager and Junior Development Team Manager; and Troy Walch, Team Mechanic.

Look for Team Geronimo at the 2010 Sea Otter Classic, Pro Gravity Tour, Mountain States Cup Series, US Open, Crankworx Colorado, Crankworx Whistler, Fluidride Cup Series and select other events. The team is gearing up for entry into the World Cup Series in 2011.

The stokage meter about this team is cranked all the way up, and for good reason – they have incredible talent, vibrant personalities, and a true sense of professionalism on and off the race course. 2010 is going to be a phenomenal year.

Be sure to become a fan on Facebook and to follow Team Geronimo on Twitter!