Monday, November 9, 2009 - MTB Tours by Sven & Anka!

houseMARTIN is a new mountain bike touring company founded by Anka and Sven Martin. With a history steeped in travel, racing and trail riding exploration, they are now offering a trip of a lifetime taking in the best of their native Cape Town, South Africa and combining it with a truly unique African mountain bike safari in Botswana where you will be sharing singletrack with elephants and maybe even lions.

Now would be the perfect time to plan on migrating south to join a small group of riders on a 11 day trip of a lifetime in March 2010.
Check out the website for trip details and image galleries.

At houseMARTIN, our goal is to provide a unique, once in a lifetime adventure on a mountain bike, that will simply leave you completely satiated and filled with memories to last a lifetime.

We specialize in small group adventures, to better experience hidden gems that cannot be explored with big groups of riders.

You will be riding the most epic singletrack trails, eating delicious traditional food and sleeping in luxury accommodations - ranging from beautiful guest houses to luxury tents hidden in fynbos and an unforgettable night under the stars.

Our professional guides will ensure a unique cultural experience combined with miles of epic singletrack and stunning scenery. We love to ride our bikes, and would love to share our passion for mountain biking and the hidden wonders of our native country with you.

Tired of the cold snowy northern climates or looking for something new and exciting, why not join us and head South to the sunshine, blue skies and the shimmering sea, for an unforgettable mountain bike journey.

Never stop exploring!

Anka Martin

Mountain Bike Adventures