Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 USA Cycling Pro Gravity Mountain Bike Tour Unveiled!

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Feb. 25, 2009)—USA Cycling announced today the creation of a new professional gravity mountain bike series designed to recognize the top gravity racers in America. The USA Cycling Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (ProGRT) will consist of five events, including three UCI-sanctioned races, throughout the United States. Together, these races will provide world-class athletes with a consistent stage to showcase their downhill and 4-Cross skills.

Beginning in May of 2009, the ProGRT will visit four states and offer series ranking points to top finishers, resulting in overall individual titles for men and women. In addition, competitors will also have the opportunity to accumulate international ranking points as three of the five races are inscripted on the UCI calendar.

The series opens with the downhill contest at the Fluidride Cup in Port Angeles, Wash., May 1-3 and then heads south to the Chile Challenge in New Mexico where both the downhill and 4-Cross contests will be a part of the ProGRT. The tour then picks back up on Aug. 8 with both the downhill and 4-Cross at the Blast the Mass in Snowmass, Colo. The following weekend, the ProGRT moves east to the Yankee Clipper at Windham Mountain, the only race on both the Pro Cross Country Tour (ProXCT) and ProGRT. Wrapping up the tour will be the Whiteface 5K Downhill in Wilmington, N.Y. on Aug. 29.

“The Whiteface Mountain Bike Park is honored to be part of the Pro Gravity Tour. Five of the premier venues in the U.S. have been chosen for this historical series that will surely last for generations,” said Downhill Mike, promoter of the Whiteface 5K Downhill. “It is only fitting to be the last race on the tour with our eight-minute downhill track as racers should be in their best condition of the season by late August. The Lake Placid/Whiteface region has hosted two Winter Olympics (1932 & 1980) and has attracted numerous top athletes of all kinds ever since. The time has now come to bring a new breed of world class athletes to Whiteface Mountain and Lake Placid. Welcome Pro Gravity Tour.”

The objectives of the inaugural USA Cycling Pro GRT are to provide a sequence of international-caliber events for elite gravity racers, to recognize the best gravity athletes competing on U.S. soil, to spotlight America’s top races that have made a commitment to host high-level events and ultimately to raise the level of competitive gravity racing in the U.S.

“With the development of the ProGRT we were looking to showcase the country’s strongest gravity venues,” said USA Cycling Mountain Bike Events and Program Director Kelli Lusk. “We want to bring the elite riders together to compete against the best on the country’s top courses and ultimately crown the season’s preeminent gravity riders.”

2009 USA Cycling Pro Gravity MTB Tour (Pro GRT):

May 1-3: Fluidride Cup – Port Angeles, Wash. (DH $5,000 purse)
May 23-25: Chile Challenge – Angel Fire, N.M. (DH and 4-Cross UCI category 2)
Aug. 8-9: Blast the Mass – Snowmass, Colo. (DH and 4-Cross UCI category 2)
August 15-16: Yankee Clipper at Windham Mountain – Windham, N.Y. (DH and 4-Cross UCI category 1)
August 29: Whiteface 5K (DH) – Wilmington, N.Y. (DH $5,000 purse)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

UCI World Cup Newsletter Updates!

2009 UCI MTB World Cup

The 2009 UCI MTB World Cup section has been published on the UCI website. You can now find more details on the 12 World Cup rounds such as programs, course descriptions, etc.

The 2009 online registration deadlines for the World Cup registration are now available on the UCI website.

2009 UCI MTB Regulations

Article 4.8.002 of the UCI MTB Regulations concerning the UCI MTB World Cup participation has been changed. The change was approved by the UCI Management Committee at its last meeting, which was held during the 2009 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships at the end of January.

The 2009 MTB regulations, including the updated article, are available on the UCI website.

2009 UCI MTB Teams

The deadline for registration of UCI MTB Teams was February 15th. The UCI is now in the final stages of verifiying the files.

A list of the approved 2009 UCI MTB Teams will be published on March 2nd on the UCI website.

Following this publication, the 2009 UCI MTB Teams will receive an email confirmation and their password to the UCI systems.

2009 UCI MTB International Calendar

At its meeting in January, the UCI Management Committee accepted the inclusion of some additional races onto the 2009 UCI International Calendar .

The updated 2009 International Calendar has now been published on the UCI website.

2009 UCI MTB Financial Obligations

The UCI MTB Financial Obligations are available on the UCI website.
The prize money for the World Cup events has been updated.

Financial Obligations for other races have not changed for 2009 (calendar fee, prize money).

Monday, February 16, 2009

On the way home through the desert (from Bootleg)...

I got caught in a snowstorm coming from las vegas to san diego! not so much fun when you're sitting in the storm from 3am til 7am... below "empty" on fuel,... and need to find the little boys room somewhere! haha gotta love traveling!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ryan Cleek on the mend

Mob N Mojave Race

Pro Men

1. Dan atherton 3.09.1463
2. Gee atherton 09.2911
3. David KlaassenVanOorschot 14.6458
4. Espen johnsen 14.6676
5. Kevin Aiello 15.1941
6. Evan Turpen
7. Logan Binggeli
8. Chris Boice

Pro Women

1. Jackie harmony 3.48.6474
2. Lisa myklak 50.2530
3. Darian harvey
4. Miranda miller
5. Joy martin

*Cat 1 Men 30-39
1. Ryan Cleek 3.36.3372

Ryan (who's a editor for Mountain Bike Action) crossed the finish line while crashing hard. Ryan sustained a broken hmerous (upper arm)

Monday, February 9, 2009

4x & Jr WORLD CUP Point Rule Changes!

NO POINTS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR 4X or JR World Cup Racers on Trade Teams!

Rule amendment – Article 4.8.002
4.8.002 bis

UCI mountain bike world cup events are open to riders corresponding
to the following conditions:

- riders having obtained at least 20 UCI points in the individual UCI
MTB classification of reference in the format concerned (XCO and
DHI). The date of such classification of reference is fixed and
communicated by the UCI for each event of the UCI mountain
bike world cup.

**For 4X the "20 UCI points" rule does not apply.**

Apart from the riders qualified according to the above criteria, the
national teams may enter a certain number of supplementary
riders, as detailed hereunder:

- A maximum of six men and six women riders per format (XCO
and DHI) per national team. These riders shall be required to
wear national team clothing.

Cross-country Juniors

For the XCO juniors events, the "20 UCI points" rule does not
apply. All riders in cross-country juniors world cup events must
wear national team clothing, on the exception of XCO juniors
belonging to a UCI MTB Team.

Each national federation may enter six riders per category (men
and women). The national federation of the organising country
may register two national teams of six riders (A and B teams) for
both men and women. Junior XCO riders belonging to a UCI MTB
Team may participate on top off the six riders per category.

**Junior downhill
For downhill events, the "20 UCI points" rule does not apply for
junior riders belonging to a UCI MTB Team.**

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fontana Winter Series

1. Marc beaumont 2:27:27
2. EC 2:27:30
3. Jason Memmelaar 34:98
4. Waylon Smith 35:32
5. Joey Schusler
6. Espen johnsen 37:65

1. Melissa Buhl 2:53:79
2. Laura Noonan
3. Joy Martin
4. Christine Hirst

Monday, February 2, 2009

NZ National Round RESULTS- Dunedin

Elite men

1 Cameron Cole 2.46.21
2 Kieran Bennett 0.00.03
3 James Dodds 0.02.82
4 Danny Hart 0.03.05
5 Matt Scoles 0.03.30
6 Brook MacDonald 0.03.31
7 Wyn Masters 0.03.38
8 Edward Masters 0.04.62
9 James Vazquez 0.04.63
10 Hayden McGregor 0.04.85
11 Reuben Miller 0.06.76
12 Gary Forrest 0.07.43
13 Fergus Lamb 0.07.44
14 Tim Mackersy 0.07.52
15 Hayden Lee 0.09.56
16 James Rennie 0.10.27
17 Troy Murdoch 0.11.54
18 Ben Cathro 0.12.86
19 Benjamin Herold 0.17.52
20 Rick Balbierer 0.23.86
21 Justin Leov 0.34.35
22 Scott Bedford 1.27.72
DNS Tom Rodgers

Elite women

1 Emmeline Ragot 3.10.46
2 Harriet Harper 0.13.87
3 Harriet Ruecknagel 0.26.35
4 Rita Langley 1.06.10

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aussie National DH Round - Mt Bueller

1. Sam Hill
2. Mick Hannah +5.5
3. Amiel Cavalier
4. Bryn Atkinson
5. Bernard