Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ODI - X Fusion - Intese Team Announced!

The ODI and X Fusion racing programs have agreed to combine into one. This alliance has developed both programs into one well-founded squad. Team ODI X Fusion is proud to announce their team line up for 2010. The roster will include Sean “Griz” McClendon, Brad Oien, JD Swanguen and Ryan Condrashoff, who will be contesting the Pro GRT championship series and competing in select international events.

Sean McClendon returning to the program after being picked up mid season in 2009 has high expectation for himself. McClendon said, “My whole life revolves around boosting the American downhill scene. For a couple of years I helped cast the media spotlight on riders from our soil and now I’m back to do-battle with them at the races. It’s a childhood dream come true to be racing for Intense and I’m really happy to be back with X-Fusion and ODI.

Brad Oien spent the off season in Australia again because he can’t get enough racing in one hemisphere. Eager for the season to come he said, “2010 is going to be a good and productive year for everyone involved with the ODI X Fusion race program. I’m glad to retain my long running relationship with ODI and begin new ones with companies such as X Fusion!”

JD Swanguen is stepping into the filming world along with keeping his racing at the highest level. He said, “I enjoy showing the amazing life I lead and I couldn’t think of a better team to do it with.”

Ryan Condrashoff has taken on the responsibility of managing the team. Coming back from an injury in 2009 he said, “I am excited to work with the boys to make this our best season ever. 2010 will be an awesome season and thanks to all of our sponsors for making this dream a reality.”

Team ODI X Fusion sponsors:
ODI, X Fusion, Intense Cycles, Intense Tires, SDG Components, Gamut USA, Formula Brakes, Fulcrum, CrankBrothers, Ride SFO, Cane Creek, Cadence Works, Dark Timbers, HyroglyphFX.

Race Face Launches Progressive New Web Site for 2010

Race Face Components Inc., one of North America’s leading producers of high-end mountain bike components, apparel and protection, has officially launched their latest contribution to cyberspace. Our quest for cutting edge technology and great design never ends. Witness the new Race Face website – a veritable work of art aesthetically, yet lightning fast and packed with innovative features.

Highlights include a pull down CSS menu that allows users to preview all products, a rollover chart that indicates intended usage for components, and of course, the debut of the Spring Summer Soft Goods and Protection line.

The SS 2010 Collection line is not only online, but is arriving at Race Face retailers as you skim this. Prepare yourself: The Buzz Collection is about to launch a little plaid-tastic into your world, d3o innovation joins the protection line, a killer street wear collection sure to make your buddies drool, and for the ladies, the highly sought after For Her collection.

The 2010 Race Face site is compact and efficient to say the least. The source code itself is contained on a single page of code – 2800 lines of it to be exact. Other features include a fully customized Word Press installation, allowing over 100 riders to login individually, post and maintain blog content. All blog posts feed live to the Race Face homepage, as well as streaming live via RSS to the Pinkbike homepage.

Pinkbike’s mad geniuses have helped us develop a proprietary video player, allowing site users to access Race Face video in full HD if they choose. The new site also incorporates PHP List, an open source newsletter management system that updates the nearly 70,000 Race Face fan club members.

To celebrate the launch, we’d like to give some schwag out! We’ll keep it simple - be the first to email with the correct answer to any or all of the skill testing questions. Please note - 1 question per email. Good luck! Hint: all answers can be found on the new Race Face web site.

1. What is the number and name of the CE safety regulation that all Race Face protection must be certified under? Prize - 2010 Flank Leg Protection
2. What did Frankie Vass name his alter ego? Prize - Respond 45mm stem
3. Name all riders sponsored by Rocky Mountain. Prize - Atlas FR bar
4. What’s the worst situation Paul Basagoitia ¬ clai¬ms to have been in? Prize - Race Face Taperlock Jeans

Port Angeles PRO GRT Attendee Highligts!

Check out the growing list of elite racers who will compete at the 1st round of the Pro Gravity Tour in Port Angeles, Washington!

Interesting in attending? Check out all the info here!

Interesting in sponsoring the 2010 Pro GRT? Contact Dylan Dean at your earliest convenience at 760-443-3344 or email

For more information feel free to visit

Team KHS - Fontana Race Report

Friday, March 26, 2010

Get Ready for the Port Angeles Pro GRT!

We’re gearing up for the first round of the 2010 Pro Gravity Tour on April 22-25 held in the picturesque town of Port Angeles, Washington. The kickoff to what its set to be an astounding national mtb gravity race series is going to take the Pro GRT to new levels! Not only will the event be close to some great cycling & snowboarding destinations, but it’ll be fairly easy to travel to, as it’s the weekend following the Sea Otter Classic! With a majority of the industry already in attendance, we’re expecting to see a GREAT turnout of athletes, teams & industry alike! Both Trek World Racing & Team Giant will be in attendance, not to mention many more!

Interested in attending? All of your questions, & logistical concerns can be found by visiting the Pro GRT website at

Port Angeles, where the mountains meet the sea, will also be the 2nd round of the NWCup. The venue is just 3 miles from town with ample lodging and dining opportunities. Dry Hill's trails are legendary for providing both a challenge and super fun, flowy trails. A large network of trails that all start and end in the same spot ensures a variety of courses for the riders throughout the series.

The Pro GRT will bring in top riders from across the country and world. Last year the attendance was over 400 racers for this event. As a promoter, this is both exciting and very challenging. Dry Hill is not a ski resort with existing services, so we set it up and tear it down for each event. Additionally, we have very limited level space for pit/tech use. It is very important to let us know exactly what you need as soon as possible so we can do our best to accommodate your needs. All space is first come, first serve.

Attached is a form to submit for Tech/Expo spaces. Please remit them to Scott Tucker at your earliest convenience at

The weekend of this event, there is also a Jazz Festival going on that draws a lot of out-of-towners, so we encourage you to make lodging arrangements as soon as you can.
Some things to consider:

-We will have at least one person on-site at all times for security purposes.
-The North Olympic Peninsula enjoys weather not typical of the Pacific Northwest. Often we are dry while surrounded by rain.
-There is no water or electric service on-site. You must be fully self-contained. Generators welcome.
-There will be a food-vendor on-site serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.
-The trails and venue area are behind a locked gate, so if you are wanting to pre-ride or set-up early, you need to let us know. The event is scheduled for Thursday the 22nd thru Sunday the 25th.
-The venue is only three miles from town and only one mile from the nearest campground.
Can’t wait to race? Port Angeles will host the first round of the NWCup this weekend (March 26-28, 2010). For more information check out

Should you have any questions or need additional information (including sponsorship), feel free to contact Dylan Dean at your earliest convenience at 760-443-3344 or email

Seeya at the races!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DRD Tomac's Kieran Bennett Back on Track at Oceanias! Podiums twice – 3rd in 4X and 4th in Downhill!

(March 21, 2010) Dunedin, New Zealand – DRD Team rider Kieran Bennett takes home two stellar results from one of the most prestigious cycling events in the south pacific! The Oceania Mountain Bike Championships, held in Dunedin, New Zealand, showcases the best mountain bike racers from Australia, New Zealand and the region all battling it out to win the title of Oceania Champion.

Following a streak of problematic races, Kieran seems to have gotten his rhythm back as he has finished his second race aboard his new DRD Tomac Primer... and with just as many podiums! With a new bike & a new team, Kieran is quick to prove just why he’s one of the quickest Kiwis on the circuit!

After a last minute decision to race 4X, Kieran promptly proved that his decision would be fruitful. Within a few practice runs, Kieran had the course dialled and had some big inside lines ready on the turns.

Going into qualifying, Kieran was pleasantly surprised to find himself in 6th position after a fairly average run.

During the race, Kieran’s inside lines paid off, as he was still getting accustomed with gated racing. Getting pushed to the back, he had to dig deep and make a move for advancement. The next round once again required Kieran to make a move against some veteran 4X riders. After a few strong passes in the first two corners, Kieran found himself in the lead & holding on until the finish.

In the finals, Kieran would find himself next to strong competition in Wyn Masters and Daniel Franks

“I definitely wasn’t expecting to be in the finals that when I decided to race, but I was stoked knowing I had made it that far,” said Kieran

Wyn Masters and Daniel Franks would take the top two spots at the finish, while Kieran was all smiles with his strong 3rd place performance.

Kieran’s main focus this weekend would undoubtedly be in the Downhill. The track suited Kieran well as it varied in terrain & was a lot of fun to ride. Kieran had to hold himself back from riding, so he wouldn’t exert himself doing too many practice runs, and remain fresh for race day.

Kieran was feeling confident and knew he could pull a good result. However, qualifying would prove to be bittersweet as a mechanical would cause a bit of a dampener in his plans, as he wanted to leave the start gate hard and see how he ranked against his competition.

“I sprinted hard out of the start and into the first few turns,” explained Kieran. “As I was pedalling out of the 3rd turn on the track, my chain dropped and got jammed out in my guide! I was pretty gutted so I just tried to carry as much speed as possible for the rest of the run. I somehow still managed to come in 12th, so I felt good going into the finals.”

Kieran’s confidence going into his race run would prove essential as there were a number of elite world cup level racers in attendance.

“Straight away I was feeling good on my DRD Tomac Primer and hardly felt like any time had passed by entering the final wooded section,” said Kieran. “Knowing all I had to do was make it out of the trees and through the 4x section clean, I started to ramp it up a little more, until I hit the finish and into the lead!”
In the end, Kieran’s time would be good enough for 4th place behind fellow countrymen Cam Cole, Nathan Rankin and Wyn Masters who have all been at the top of their game as of late.

All-in-all, an extremely successful weekend for Kieran, as he makes another big step towards the top of the podium! His confidence is on the rise & he’s getting comfortable on his new DRD Tomac!

Next up on the agenda, team DRD Tomac will be competing simultaneously in two different states. While Robin Baloochi will be attending the first round of the NWCup in Port Angeles, Washington; John Keep & Brad King will race the first round of the California Gold Cup in Fontana, California.

Photo credit: Max Carter-Smith

DRD Tomac is proudly sponsored by

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oceania Championship Pro DH Results - Full

1 Cameron Cole 76 Christchurch New Zealand 2:39.15 +0:00.00 1 1- 2:43.36
2 Nathan Rankin 17 Levin New Zealand 2:41.03 +0:01.88 2 3- 2:47.85
3 Wyn Masters 2 New Plymouth New Zealand 2:45.01 +0:05.87 3 2- 2:46.97
4 Kieran Bennett 5 Nelson New Zealand 2:45.60 +0:06.45 4 12- 2:57.24
5 Matt Walker 20 Kawerau New Zealand 2:46.59 +0:07.44 6 5- 2:50.60
6 Rhys Willemse 21 Brisbane Australia 2:47.17 +0:08.02 7 6- 2:50.87
7 Glenn Haden 77 Wanganui New Zealand 2:47.52 +0:08.37 8 27- 6:42.50
8 Matt Scoles 19 Alexandra New Zealand 2:48.11 +0:08.96 9 10- 2:56.59
9 Richard Leacock 75 Wellington New Zealand 2:48.17 +0:09.02 10 7- 2:51.19
10 Martin Frei 73 Switzerland Switzerland 2:49.67 +0:10.52 14 8- 2:53.96
11 Reuben Miller 15 Nelson New Zealand 2:51.44 +0:12.30 17 14- 2:57.37
12 Hayden McGregor 74 Tauranga New Zealand 2:52.35 +0:13.20 21 15- 2:57.69
13 Freddie King 56 Christchurch New Zealand 2:53.13 +0:13.98 24 11- 2:56.93
14 Dan Sims 16 Auckland New Zealand 2:54.61 +0:15.47 27 16- 3:00.12
15 Lindsay Klein 12 Brisbane Australia 2:54.66 +0:15.51 28 18- 3:00.75
16 Laurie Dinham 8 Adelaide Australia 2:58.05 +0:18.90 39 19- 3:01.92
17 Michael Manning 14 Gold Coast Australia 2:58.71 +0:19.56 43 17- 3:00.53
18 Simon French 10 Howrah Australia 2:59.12 +0:19.97 47 13- 2:57.26
19 James Rennie 18 Christchurch New Zealand 2:59.24 +0:20.09 48 25- 3:24.26
20 Edo Franco 9 Saint Christophe Italy 3:01.88 +0:22.73 53 21- 3:05.15
21 Chris Barlin 3 Sydney Australia 3:01.91 +0:22.76 54 22- 3:05.32
22 Benjamin Ayling 78 Queensland Australia 3:06.42 +0:27.27 60 20- 3:02.12
23 Eymeric Blay 6 Papeete French Polynesia 3:20.66 +0:41.51 91 26- 3:25.69
24 Aari Barrett 4 Hastings New Zealand 3:33.95 +0:54.80 106 9- 2:54.34
25 Hayden Lester 13 Brisbane Australia 3:51.80 +1:12.65 118 24- 3:08.62
DNF Justin Leov 1 Dunedin New Zealand DNF 4- 2:47.87
DNS Kaine Cannan 7 Hobart Australia DNS DNS
DNS Ryan Hunt 11 Sydney Australia DNS 23- 3:08.42
DQ Thomas Jeandin 79 Vessy Switzerland DNS DQ
1 Harriet Harper 81 Blenheim New Zealand 3:07.36 +0:00.00 66 5- 5:58.99
2 Gabrielle Molloy 84 Rotorua New Zealand 3:16.25 +0:08.89 78 1- 3:23.37
3 Sarsha Huntington 82 Brisbane Australia 3:28.14 +0:20.78 98 2- 3:38.64
4 Holly Baarspul 80 Perth Australia 3:32.62 +0:25.26 103 3- 3:47.54
5 Emily Hockey 86 Adelaide Australia 3:47.25 +0:39.89 115 4- 3:51.77
DNS Sophie Borderes 99 France France DNS DNS
DNS Rita Langley 83 Christchurch New Zealand DNS DNS

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oceania DH Results - Top 4 men

quick dh men resutls from the Oceanias in New Zealand

1. Cameron Cole
2. Nathan Rankin
3. Wyn Masters
4. Kieran Bennett

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anneke Beerten: NEW SEASON 2010

I can't believe how fast the off season has past by again. We're only a couple of weeks away from the start of our new 2010 season. In preparation of the new season I've spend the last couple of weeks in the U.S. for some training and racing.

I had a great time racing Downhill at Fontana, it's nice to have some racing in the winter time and a lot of pro's come out there to race and to get ready for the season. While I was there I got a chance to visit the Intense factory and to pick up my new Slopestyle 2 bike :) The bike feels great and I had no problem getting used to it at all. The first weekend I raced in Fontana I even won. The second time I got 2nd behind Melissa Buhl.

It's always nice to get some races in before the World Cup season kicks off. Get the nerves going and test some of the new products. I will be running the same program as last season with my main sponsors Veltec (the BeNeLux distributer for Intense) and Intense USA. The collaboration with these two companies makes it possible for me to stay on Intense bikes, be a professional athlete, and of course keep doing what I love most; shredding down the worlds most beautiful mountainsides. Like last season I will be getting the full team support of the Swiss based Suspension Center team, it's great to be a part of Gery's team again!

New to my program this season will be Michelin tires, Lizard Skins grips, Skins, CTI Braces and Stoicagraffix. I am very happy and proud to have these new sponsors on board and looking forward to work with all of them.

And a very big thanks of course to my partners who have been supporting me throughout the last few years already, and who will keep supporting me for the coming season.

Also like last year, when 4-cross racing is done, you will find me in the DH finish area the day after, doing the Freecaster commentary and interviews.

See you all at the season opener in Monterey next month; the Sea Otter Classic.

For more info and to stay up to date please check:
See you all at the races......keep on riding.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Euro Fourcross Cup 2010

The Fourcross Alliance is happy to introduce the EURO FOURCROSS SERIES 2010!

Thanks to enthusiasm of experienced organizers and their sponsors the Euro Fourcross Series 2010 will pay a visit to five European countries, starting already on April 18th in Prague.

The Fourcross Alliance is successful in accomplishing its plan for which the international alliance was established - to be a platform for exchanging information and experience of fourcross supporters and fans. The foundation meeting of FA held at the occasion of 2009 MTB World Cup finals in Schladming brought a
lot of interesting ideas, however it was too late for their application in this year’s World Cup 4X.

The main subject of FA members’ discussions during winter months became the conception of the European racing series as a laboratory for testing practical application of our plans. The idea of European series – old perhaps as fourcross – has finally obtained its sharp outline. Although the world financial situation does not favour sports projects very much, we managed to find a relatively cheap solution how to introduce the first year of the Euro Fourcross Series even this year! Thus, thanks to enthusiasm of experienced organizers and their sponsors the Euro Fourcross Series 2010 will pay a visit to five European countries.

#1 18.04. Prague, Czech Republic
 In the weekend with the Czech 4X Cup on Polis.13 track

#2 24.04. Szczawno Zdrój, Poland
 Within Festina Night Race (UCI Class 1)

#3 22.05. Winterberg, Germany
 Within Scott 4X Challenge at the iXS Dirt Masters festival.

#4 30.05. Harthill, Great Britain
 On the weekend with NPS-4X just one week before the Fort William World Cup.

#5 26.06. Leogang, Austria
 Within the Out of Bounds festival on the track designed by Guido Tschugg (UCI Class 2)

Euro Fourcross Series 2010 characteristics:
 For the very first time juniors aged by 15 get their own international 4X series!
 Categories: Elite Men (over the age of 19) and Junior Men (age of 15 to 18).
 Only for UCI license holders.
 5,000 euro for three best racers based on the total placing of Elite Men.
 500 euro as minimum prize money for finalists of Elite Men category of each of the rounds.
 Identity Krisis SL bike for the best junior and material prizes for Junior Men finalists at each round.
 Starting fee not exceeding 30 euro per one race.
 The same Bensink starting gate for all rounds.
 Points for 32 best riders in race and also in qualification.
 Points obtained in all races are calculated for the total placing; no points shall be stricken off.
 The precondition for the awards for the total placing is participation in three races at least.

iXS Downhill Series in 2010

iXS Downhill Cup 2010 – first website for registration activated

This year, the iXS Downhill Series will again include a wide range of race events. First and foremost is the “iXS European Downhill Cup”, with venues in 7 countries. In addition to races in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland there will also be events in Great Britain and the Czech Republic. This makes the international series second in importance only to the World Cup. The website for registration to take part in the first race in Innerleithen has now been activated. The dates for Cup events are as follows:

29 – 30 May 2010 iXS European Downhill Cup #1 Innerleithen (GBR)
12 – 13 June 2010 iXS European Downhill Cup #2 Verbier (SUI)
26 – 27 June 2010 iXS European Downhill Cup #3 Leogang (AUT)
3 – 4 July 2010 iXS European Downhill Cup #4 Ilmenau (GER)
14 – 15 August 2010 iXS European Downhill Cup #5 Špičák (CZE)
21 – 22 August 2010 iXS European Downhill Cup #6 Pila (ITA)
11 – 12 September 2010 iXS European Downhill Cup #7 Châtel (FRA)

iXS Sports Division also sponsors two national race series, both of which are sure to attract attention again. The „iXS Swiss Downhill Cup” and its younger brother, the “iXS German Downhill Cup”, will both run over four races in the coming season. The high profile of both series is reflected by the large numbers of competitors, also from the international community. This year the Swiss Cup includes two new venues, both well-known on the downhill scene: Monte Tamaro will be the location for the first race in the series and, after a break of several years, Crans Montana will once again be hosting an event. The race dates for the series are as follows:

1 – 2 May 2010 iXS Swiss Downhill Cup #1 Monte Tamaro
17 – 18 July 2010 iXS Swiss Downhill Cup #2 Wiriehorn
28 – 29 August 2010 iXS Swiss Downhill Cup #3 Crans Montana
2 – 3 October 2010 iXS Swiss Downhill Cup #4 Bellwald

22 – 23 May 2010 iXS German Downhill Cup #1 Winterberg
10 – 11 July 2010 iXS German Downhill Cup #2 Rittershausen
24 – 25 July 2010 iXS German Downhill Cup #3 Bad Wildbad
25 – 26 September 2010 iXS German Downhill Cup #4 Thale

And, finally, the iXS Rookies Cup will be flying the flag for up-and-coming riders. This iXS series, now in its fourth year and thus the newest iXS series, will again be visiting four bike parks. Competitors aged 11 or above can join the starting line for one of the following races:

24 May 2010 iXS Rookies Cup #1 Winterberg (GER)
5 – 6 June2010 iXS Rookies Cup #2 Ochsenkopf (GER)
31 July – 1 August 2010 iXS Rookies Cup #3 Steinach (GER)
7 – 8 August 2010 iXS Rookies Cup #4 Anzère (SUI)

For further information visit

© Foto: Thomas Dietze

Best regards

news service
iXS Downhill Cup Organisation

Monday, March 15, 2010

Leigh Donovan - FONTANA WINTER SERIES FINALS - Race Report

It was on ‘THE WALL’ section of the course
that 1995 World Champion Leigh Donovan could
hear her 4 1/2 yr old daughter Grace cheering -
“GO MOMMA” and that gave her enough legs to
pedal into the finish in 3rd place.

“Ya, we got smoked by Buhl” Said Leigh
after the race, “I did a run with her and I was on
the same pace on the little rocky sections, but
she just motored away on the 3 climbs we had in
this race, it should have been called a super-D, I
can not complain, I got 3rd behind 2 girls that
race and train for a living and I think 4th place
was 12 seconds behind me. I am interested to
see how I go on a proper DH track.”

Leigh also got on her new Marzocchi
suspension for the race, “I took 2lbs off my bike
by removing what I had before! I hooked up with
Tom Rogers and Bryson from Marzocchi and
they were real excited to get me on board, I rode
for Marzocchi 17 years ago on my first pro team,
so its been a long time! Absolutely loved the 888
Evo fork, TR dialed it in for me, I did not have to
touch it. I also got my new shimano SPD shoes
and blinged them out so I have some girly vibe
going on, I am going to go full moto podium
speech and give you the, ‘my oakley, Fox, giro
kit looked awesome and my specialized tires
really hooked up out there’ hahaha”

Leigh’s next event will probably be working
some huge sale at her shop, Tangerine but she plans on
heading to the Sea Otter for her next race. Leigh
also does personal skills clinics in the so cal
area, contact her for info and pricing

Missing British Mountain Biker in VIRGINIA (USA)


Ok listen up people, this is very serious. A good mountain bike friend of mine from back home has gone missing in America. His name is Jonny Dorey.

Jonny is 5′11″, about 182lbs, and was last seen wearing a WHITE AND BLUE PLAID JACKET, NAVY BLUE BACKPACK, DARK JEANS and BLACK SNEAKERS. It is also likely that he has his black mountain bike with him. He may be wearing glasses and also has a very strong english accent. Jonny’s been missing since March 2nd and the lack of news on his whereabouts is beginning to become unsettling. He is an exchange student at VCU in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. He lives in the GRC dorms and his bike is missing. He hasn’t been to classes, his phone’s been off for days, he hasn’t used any of his banks cards nor logged in to e-mail accounts or Facebook.

Missing Person: Jonny Dorey
March 11th, 2010 @ 10:53 AM

He’s been reported as a missing person and there is a Facebook group dedicated to his disappearance, check the link below:!/group.php?gid=350577843749&ref=ts

Whilst this is mainly targeted at an American audience, if anyone – anywhere, recognises him or thinks they might know something, please either post something on the FB group page or get in touch with the feds. His parents have flown to the states and his brother has had to cut his NZ trip short to go and be with his family in America.

This is Jonny’s bike. It is a black mountain bike and is not at his house, so he probably has it with him. If you see it locked up anywhere, please let us know. It should also be noted that there is a red strip on the seat.

Race report from the CG's BRIGADE

After one year none racing , I am back on the track and happy to be on the bike 100 %, it will be 10 months I get my surgery, thanks to my doctor and Miguel my trainer who make me work hard to be back where I am now ! “Everything is possible” he always told me during 10 months! Thanks Miguel

This weekend was the first event of the CG Racing BRIGADE in Sant Andreu de la Barca, the weekend was full of fun for me! I could ride my new Santa Cruz V10, new suspension Rock, and a lot more of course like my new protection gear O Neal ! I was like a kid in a candy shop : ) I could work as well with Kevin my mechanic and X1 Racing Suspension to do some tuning on the suspension during the practice. Well, like I say all those good things make the weekend so much fun more than a normal race. I finish 6th and really pleased about it because the times was so tight. I am really happy how the BRIGADE is running and I feel good for the next events! Thanks to all the fan who were here to see the first event of the BRIGADE, it means a lot to me : )

As well to all my sponsors who make the team alive!

Special thanks to KEV, JEROME, FRANCOIS, ESTEBAN who make that weekend funny and relax!

The sergeant, Cedric Gracia

Intense Cycles Names New Marketing Manager

Monday, March 15, 2010

Long time industry insider Craig “Stikman” Glaspell to run Intense marketing department.

Temecula, Ca. – Monday, March 15, 2010 – Intense Cycles is excited to announce the addition of Craig “Stikman” Glaspell as Marketing Manager.

Craig brings with him an extensive background in the bicycle business, beginning in the mid-80’s and ranging from retail to world cup racing. He was best known as team manager and wrench for some of the best racers in the world, including Brian Lopes and Leigh Donovan, who later became his wife.

Stikman left the bike industry in 2005 to pursue a career as a professional photographer and start a family.

“I had become a professional photographer with many bicycle and motocross industry clients after I left the bike biz and we also started a successful ecommerce store. But I was really missing the bike scene. I have a 15 year history with Intense, either choosing their bikes for my race teams or riding them myself, I am really pumped to finally be a part of a brand that I can unequivocally be proud of.” Glaspell said.

Craig will be working in the creative department with Jeff Steber and will be the company’s contact person for all marketing, media and PR projects. “It is going to be a fun, new adventure with Stikman. I have known Stik for a long time and have always liked his vision in regards to our brand, and we are growing daily so it was time to make the move.”

About Intense Cycles:
Intense Cycles is a Temecula, Ca. based designer and manufacturer of high end, american made full suspension mountain bikes. Intense makes mountain bikes for World Cup Downhill racing, Enduro/Trail riding, Cross Country and Dirt Jumping. At a time when the vast majority of bicycles are being made overseas, Intense has invested heavily in our equipment and technology. We deliver american made bikes at competitive prices.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Purchase of Corsair Bikes


We are excited and proud to announce that Corsair Bikes has just been purchased by Mike Flaherty and Froggy Khu of Atomlab, along with Pablo Tafoya, the designer of the Corsair frames. Corsair will continue to build on its innovative designs and advanced linkage technology. Pablo will play a much more central role in the brand's direction and vision. Ralf Hauser, former editorial director and co-founder of Flow, Twentysix, and decline magazines will also be working with Corsair. Ralf, who is based in Austria these days, will be developing the new website that should be launched within a few weeks, and helping with marketing and media relations.

Atomlab's new distribution company, Dirtec Direct (, which now distributes Atomlab, Black Market, and the Sensus, will now handle distribution for Corsair Bikes in the USA. However, Corsair will remain a completely separate brand from Atomlab. International distribution will continue to be handled by Corsair's current international distributors, with no significant changes to pricing or dealers.

Corsair Bikes' new offices will be located in Santa Clarita, California, in a brand new location with the best resources available to build the finest bikes possible.

The new management at Corsair places a huge importance on pro-rider involvement, feedback, and sponsorship. Corsair is currently finalizing a new team of elite riders, which will be announced later this month. Development of brand new product for the 2011 season is already under way and we hope to get some serious riding hours in on the prototypes soon.

The new direction of the company will be portrayed in every aspect of its structure, from branding to marketing and in the product itself, so expect many groundbreaking changes in the future.

Monday, March 8, 2010

DRD Tomac's Kieran Bennett 2nd Place at Skyline Screamer; Baloochi's Back!

Escondido, California – Dean Racing Development (DRD) Tomac kicked off our unofficial start to the 2010 season this past weekend in two different countries and with great attention! Team leaders Kieran Bennett & Robin Baloochi debuted their new DRD Tomac Primer 220’s at two events – the Skyline Screamer in Wellington, New Zealand, and the Southridge Winter Series finals in Fontana, California.

Having limited time on his new Tomac Primer, Kieran surprised a number of people with his great battle in the Skyline Screamer (an eliminator “3-cross” style format down a wide open firebreak). With a number of elite riders in contention for a sizeable purse, this event was sure to be a great race.

Kieran handled the new bike perfectly, and was seen with a big smile the whole way down the track. Winning round after round, Kieran found himself in the finals, where he would meet another world cup veteran racer in Nathan Rankin. An epic battle ensued with both Kieran & Nathan exchanging leads. Unfortunately for Kieran, Nathan was able to squeeze past him on the last possible passing point & took the win. Not all was a loss, as Kieran pocket a cool $500 for 2nd place.

“This was by far the most fun I’ve had on a bike in a long time and I think a lot of that is thanks to my new DRD Tomac” said Kieran. “I’ve never felt so instantly comfortable and confident on a new bike. I can’t say thanks enough to the organisers for putting on a great event and making it possible for me to be there, and also to Jeremiah at DRD for taking me in this season and putting me on an amazing bike!”

At the same time, here in the states, veteran racer Robin Baloochi returns from a 3 year hiatus to rock the DRD Tomac colors! With an extensive history & knowledge of racing, Robin is going to be a great asset to the team! “Getting his feet wet again” & “working out the kinks” at smaller events like Fontana and other upcoming local events, Robin will sure to be one to watch at the 2010 Pro Gravity Tour!

“Overall the first day on the bike went better than expected and rain showers through Saturday night made for real good conditions come race day,” said Robin. “During Sunday morning’s practice I somehow managed to bash a rock and knock my crank arm out of alignment, but with some innovative solutions between Jeremiah and some friends, we were somehow able to salvage a race run. At the end of the day, I finished 24th without any big hang ups. The goal of the weekend was met, which was to get the new bike rolling, get me in the gate to start running against the clock again, and figure out any kinks that need to be worked until the official season starts at the Sea Otter Classic.”

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Next up on the agenda, team DRD Tomac will be competing in 2 different countries & two different states (here in the USA). While Kieran Bennett prepares himself for the upcoming Oceanias, Robin Baloochi will be participating in the 1st round of the NW Cup in Port Angeles, Washington. Fellow team riders John Keep and Brad King, who are just receiving their new DRD Tomac bikes, will be competing in the first round of the California Gold Cup in Fontana, California.

Dylan Dean
Team Director

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Monday, March 1, 2010

U.S. Open of Mountain Biking Launches Online Registration

(Vernon, New Jersey USA) Event promoters of the 2010 U.S. Open of Mountain Biking have announced that online athlete, vendor and media registration is now available by visiting On May 27-30th, the 8th annual U.S. Open of Mountain Biking will return to Diablo Freeride Park in Vernon, New Jersey where top gravity mountain bike racers from across the globe will compete for the most prestigious title in American mountain bike racing.

Over $55,000 in cash and prizes will be up-for-grabs as amateur and professional mountain bike racers alike will tackle the challenging KENDA Downhill and Giant Slalom race courses hosted by Diablo Freeride Park. The U.S. Open of Mountain Biking has become a hotbed of Amateur talent and is the ultimate proving ground for racers looking to test their mettle against the sports elite.

Due to the popularity of the U.S. Open of Mountain Biking, pre-registration is highly recommended and is first-come, first-served. The total athlete field in the Men’s Downhill discipline will be capped at 450 total competitors, with 150 registrations allocated to the Pro Men’s category and 300 dedicated to the Men’s Amateur categories. Athletes are encouraged to register early to secure a qualifying position and to guarantee participation in the 2010 U.S. Open of Mountain Biking.

Experience America's Premier Gravity Race!

Register now by visiting:

Tyler McCaul signs with FOX

That’s right, it’s official – both McCaul bike magicians are on FOX!

We have been helping out Tyler McCaul for a while now and have always appreciated his enthusiasm and rapid growth in the sport. Last year was a great year for Tyler, and this year is looking to be even better. From the dirt jumps to blitzing DH runs, he has what it takes.

Tyler speaks it: "I've been with Fox on and off for a long time, since I was 13. They've been helping me out under the table the whole time and it's an honor to be locked in for 2010 with the company that makes the best product in the industry. I know that they have what I need to take me where I wanna go in the sport and it's good to know that I have a company like Fox to help me do it!"

We look forward to 2010 and beyond with Tyler McCaul.

Now check out this latest video of Tyler pulling a TRIPLE TAILWHIP!...

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