Sunday, April 27, 2008

Calif Gold Cup #2 - Woodward West DH results

Pro Men Downhill

1. Rich Houseman
2. Brad Benedict
3. Eric Carter
4. Brad Oien
5. Ryan Condrashoff

Saturday, April 19, 2008

NEW Dean Optics TROOPER goggles

Van Dine's ride

I've seen a few motorcycles carrying a bike off the back in my day, but this method was pretty slick holding 2 bikes. Chris rides in style on & off the trail.

Tara raffle

There was a ton of great people putting on a raffle, auctions, & selling merchandise to help out our good friend Tara Llanes this weekend. It's great to see Tara here at the event & in great spirits!

Here, Tara picks out the raffle tickets for a variety of prizes from Smith, Thule, Michelin, Giant & many more! There was even a prize trip to Costa Rica!

Minnaar win slalom

Slalom finals

Jonnier def buhl
Minnaar def peat

Griffiths def atherton
Neethling def vories

Slalom Semi

Jonnier def griffiths
Buhl def atherton

Peat def vories
Minnaar def neethling

Tara calling the races!

It was great to see Tara here at Sea Otter! A true fan of the sport, Tara picked up the mic & started announcing the race! Pretty sweet!

Slalom 8

Jonnier def. Gatto
Griffiths def pruitt
Buhl def suemasa
Atherton def streb

Peat def lopes
Vories def blenkinsop
Neethling def kovarik
Minnaar def rando

Slalom 16

Lopes def herndon
Peat def houseman
Vories def bangert
Blenkinsop def cavalier
Neethling? Def Sternberg?
Kovarik def Rennie
Minnaar def dan atherton
Rando def strait

Jonnier def white
Gatto def Petterson
Pruitt def jarolime
Griffiths def gerrard
Buhl def williamson
Suemasa def holden
Beerten def streb
Atherton def vogt

Slalom round of 32

Lopes def lehikonen
Hearndon def leov
Peat def ec
Houseman def wardell
Bangert def haderer
Vories def beneke
Cavalier def boice
Blenkinsop def bryceland
Sternberg def powell
Neethling def g atherton
Kovarik def beytagh
Rennie def hauer
D Atherton def gwin
Minnaar def condrashoff
Strait def warren
Rando def stevenson

Slalom quali results


1 sabrina jonnier
2 rachel atherton
3 melissa buhl
4 fionn griffiths
5 kathy pruitt


1 brian lopes
2 jared rando
3 lars sternberg
4 sam blenkinsop
5 mike haderer
6 nathan rennie
7 dan atherton
8 rich houseman
9 steve peat
10 greg minnaar

Friday, April 18, 2008

Clay presents...

F1RST starts NOW!

Sea Otter Update... Finally

Sorry for the lack of updates! I didn' arrive til late afternoon on weds. Been slammed with dropping off helmet, setting up the nema booth, and endless running around.

Until my photos and report this evening, here are some notes for the day.

Bryn Atkinson took a good digger today and busted his chin open. He's ok, but needed a few stitches.

The Decline Team America made there official debut. Cody Warren and Cole Bangert will be racing the world cups. Curtis Keene, Chris Herndon will focus on north american races as well as a select world cups.

Weather has been pretty nice, although it just got really chilly. No rain is forcasted... But I don't believe it. It's rained every year I've. Been here. Its closing time in the pits. Ill update more with photos when I get to my hotel room.